How to Make a Bedding for Ferrets

Your little furry friend spends more time in bed. If will just let it be, your pet may sleep from 18 to 22 hours. Their sleeping habits usually depend on their age and gender. The makes are known to sleep longer than their female counterparts. In general, these furballs are active for about 20 to 30% of the day than at night. To make sure that your ferret will have a nice sleep inside its cage, you will need to make sure that its cage, especially ferret bedding, is quite comfortable. Its cage should be as functional and stimulating as it can be while providing your pet its much-needed convenience while it is physically recharging. This simple guide will give you an idea of how to accomplish this goal.

Bedding for Ferrets

Will there be a chance that your ferret will be sleeping longer than it generally should?

A ferret’s sleep pattern may change due to several reasons. One of these will be the change in the weather. Warm or cold weather may cause your furry friend to sleep longer or shorter. A ferret will generally find a dry and warm bedding a great place to snooze off. Other factors that will influence your ferret’s sleep pattern are as follows: medication and health condition, such as insulinoma (tumor of the pancreas), which is a common health concern of aging ferrets. (more…)

Hedgehog Cage Setup

A lot of debates have been heard concerning the most ideal cages for hedgehogs. However, factors such as ease of cleaning, safety, ease of cleaning as well as the size of the cage are the most essential factors in the acquisition and designing of a best hedgehog cage. Different cages have different cons and pros depending on the way they are designed. Therefore, it is very necessary to find the type of cage that meets the requirements of your hedgehog as well as your unique preferences as well as the budget.

hedgehog cage

In most cases when the hedgehogs are in the world, they are able to cover very long distances in search of food and comfort. Unlike most of the animals, hedgehogs are known to be real travellers that cover the long ground distance in order to find the most ideal meals that keep them cosy and healthy. Just like in the wild, it is very necessary to have your pet hedgehogs in a cage that has enough space to allow the extensive movement of these animals. (more…)