Hedgehog Cage Setup

A lot of debates have been heard concerning the most ideal cages for hedgehogs. However, factors such as ease of cleaning, safety, ease of cleaning as well as the size of the cage are the most essential factors in the acquisition and designing of a best hedgehog cage. Different cages have different cons and pros depending on the way they are designed. Therefore, it is very necessary to find the type of cage that meets the requirements of your hedgehog as well as your unique preferences as well as the budget.


In most cases when the hedgehogs are in the world, they are able to cover very long distances in search of food and comfort. Unlike most of the animals, hedgehogs are known to be real travellers that cover the long ground distance in order to find the most ideal meals that keep them cosy and healthy. Just like in the wild, it is very necessary to have your pet hedgehogs in a cage that has enough space to allow the extensive movement of these animals.

When buying or even designing a cage that is meant for hedgehogs, having a cage that has the minimum floor dimension of 2 feet by one foot is very essential. This ensures that the animal has enough humble space to conduct its operations and acquire all the materials necessary for daily survival like the water and foods. However, this distance should only be considered as the minimum floor distance for a hedgehog and should only be used if the owner has already acquired a hedgehog wheel.

If your cage has these dimensions, it is very necessary to release it around the compound in order for it to be able to have an ample time to loam around and cover the required daily distance to keep its feet and healthy. If you would aim for a cage that measures 4 square meters or a cage with the floor dimensions of 2 feet by 2 feet, this would be the most ideal minimum distance. It is very advisable to consider such a distance for the best results.

Additionally, ensuring the safety of the animals that you are rearing as pets is one of the best things that you can ever do. Ensuring the safety of the hedgehog comes about with the nature of the cage that you keep the animal. Make sure that the cage you have designed or purchased is safe enough for your pet. Some of the safety measures is designing a cage whose floor is solid to prevent the hedgehogs from being affected by the outside weather through the ground and other animals that may be detrimental to your pet having access to the pet. Avoiding floors that are made from wire mesh is recommended for safety. At times, these animals as they roam around may fit into the spaces between the wire mesh hence injuring their delicate legs. Apart from external climate influence, this would be another valid reason as to why you should always avoid floors made of wire mesh.

When you design or even buy a cage, you should always ensure that it has enough ventilation, Even with an outdoor hedgehog house. This is because enough ventilations are necessary for aeration and they also ensure that ammonia that comes from urine does not build up hence the bad odour that comes from urine is not produced. However, the most ideal and best ventilation are always provided by cages that are made of wire mesh.

When it comes to cleaning, the cage will always need to remain tidy. The frequency of cage cleaning matters a lot in ensuring the comfort and good health of the pet. Therefore, it is very necessary to clean the cage frequently to avoid buildup of bacteria and bad odour. However, it becomes very hard to clean cages that are heavy and large. Their awkward nature makes it very unpleasant to always keep them clean. Cage cleaning is very critical and it should not be underestimated. Moreover, cags that have a floor made of wire mesh should be covered with vellux blankets, plastics or even woods. Make sure that you look for a rabbit cage with a spacing of an inch or less if you consider using a wire mesh cage.

It is very necessary to ensure that the cage that you put your animal in is very safe. From human influence as well as the external environment. This can be done by making sure that the floor is either covered with wood or plastic. However, if you choose to use a cage with a vase made of wire mesh, ensure that the spacing between the wires is less than an inch to avoid the feet of these pets from being caught between the wire spaces.